On the 16th of June 1995, at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary, Alberta, the Premier of the National Film Board documentaries "The Price of Duty" and "Caught in The Crossfire" were shown to approximately 3000 persons in attendance from across Canada.

My wife Carol and myself were in attendance by courtesy of the Film Board, and met many of those persons who had been involved in the making of the films, and many of the people who had been the subjects of the Films.

After the showing was over, and we were standing at the entrance way to the auditorium waiting to return to our hotel, a man approached us. He introduced himself as Jan Randall, the person who had written the music for the videos. As the conversation progressed it became apparent that Jan had been deeply touched by his involvement with the films. We found out that his young daughter's birthday was the same day as Carol's, Jun 2, and Carol promised to send her one of the "Izzy Dolls". We found that Jan was on the "Information Highway" and we exchanged addresses. We told him about the poems that Carol had written and about the letters from Mark that were on the internet.

On our return to Courtenay, Carol sent the doll and shortly after we received an audio tape from Jan with the music from the video. Still later on we received from Jan a tape with the song he had composed, using the words Carol had written, My Son - Our Sons. Jan had composed the music for the poem, then had two of his friends, Pauline LeBel - who sang the song beautifully, and Lyall Steel who accompanied Jan on the guitar, record the song in his Studio in Edmonton. He also sent a copy of the score for the song, which may be viewed in my home page by clicking on Page one, and Page two in the text.

We continue to correspond with Jan, and we both hope that at some time in the future many others may be able to hear his music, and the words that Carol wrote, to "All the Mothers and Fathers of All the Peacekeepers in All the World" one full year before the tragic accident that took Mark's life.

Aanyone who is interested in the score shown in the two pages can contact Jan at his email address jrandall@compusmart.ab.ca We also would welcome any comments you have regarding the song.